They are finally here. Concrete tiles for floors and walls. Colours like Sand, Earth, Leaf and Dirty Yellow give you an idea of what we hope to express with these tiles.  Use just one colour or mix and match.

Vintage by Moëll & Moëll

Exquisite shawls. One of a kind. So beautiful that you will want them all.

Can only be purchased from our Online shop.



Reclaimed terracotta tiles

We are so happy that we could burst! We have found the the most beautiful terracotta bricks in the world (at least that’s what we think….). Reclaimed in three different colours Classic red, Pastel and Mix, and three different formats 15×15 cm, Herringbone and Hexagon. The surface is worn like velvet (on many tiles) and it is wonderful to walk on. True terracotta happiness!




Sometimes copies are needed

Our customers often used to enquire about why we haven’t supplied beautiful floors for outdoor use. Terracotta just doesn’t work. And stone weathers… But now we have found the perfect solution. COPY Clay and Stone. So beautiful that it looks like the real thing. But it is made of high-quality concrete processed to look like its natural original


Copy Clay Light Teracotta
Copy Clay Light Teracotta
Copy Stone STONE
Copy Stone STONE
Copy Clay Lava
Copy Clay Lava
Copy Clay Stone
Copy Clay Stone

copy clay Dark teracotta. All we can say is that we are very, very pleased. Teracotta.Stone.Lava.

Simple is often the most beautiful.

Concrete Simple Black

Grey på Golvet
Grey on the floor

concret Simple BlackWe are therefore delighted with our new Concrete Simple range. It has that wonderful soft-looking surface that concrete can have and the colours are straight from Nature. Prices from 995 SEK/sq.m.

In our stores in approximately 4 weeks

Stiltje Limewash

We love receiving pictures from our customers! This superbly tasteful home is painted with our limewash in shade LIGHT BERRY NO 32. The limewash has been applied diluted to achieve this gorgeous effect. bild 1 bild 2 bild 4 bild 5

Stiltje Outdoor Concrete

We have been searching for a long time for stylish tiles for outdoor use. And we have finally found them. Concrete that has the right feel. Can also be used indoors of course. Soon available to view in your store. Many different sizes and colours.

Wonderful tile with relief pattern

We are so very pleased to introduce our new product GAUDI, a tile available in 4 colours. Stiltje is now the distributor for this tile in Sweden. The tile is a hexagon shape with embossing. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Bathroom, patio or pool room. Mix and match colours or use individually.

Soon available to view in your store, but we cannot resist putting up some images already.