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About Stiltje

Looking for flooring?

Real flooring that can last for hundreds of years, and just keep on getting more beautiful with the years. A floor that can survive daily wear and tear, limited time for care and the ravages of many families, and still remain beautiful and welcoming. A floor that can keep up with the times, and outlive changes in style and family circumstances. A modern floor, that’s also timeless and classic.

The floor maketh the home, we say. That’s not true, of course. It’s the people who live in the home who create its heart and soul. But in fact nothing helps half as much nor is as lasting as your choice of flooring.

And that is why it is so important.

We’ve made the choice a lot easier for you. We have searched far and wide for flooring and wall materials that are unlike what you will find anywhere else. The kind that we would like to have in our own homes. That pushes the envelope, but also fits in with the idea that formed our name. We interpret Stiltje (it’s a word in Swedish) as tranquil and durable. The way a home ought to be.

You can view most of our products here on our website, but if you visit one of our stores, most likely something entirely new will have come in. This is often the case.

And one more thing: everything we sell is made from natural materials! No stone or tile is like any other. There can be slight differences in colour and structure from one floor to another.

And from the images here on our website.

It’s what makes our floors so special!


Pamela Moëll

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