Stiltjes mest exklusiva stengolv.
Varje sten är utvald och arbetad för hand av världens bästa stenhantverkare.
Unna dig känslan av ett genuint golv där varje sten har ett eget uttryck. Ingen sten är den andra lik.
Beautiful entry under making with Stiltje cement tiles @villaritzen .
New in the blog. How to buy house in Mallorca...... go to blog and get inspired or forget it.
Plink selection
Beautiful bathroom from @foterskan . High class selection. Unik Light on the floor with special made plinthing for this project. Provence white tiles and border. We have the best clients !!
We love pictures from our clients. This is from Norway and designer and television profile @halvor.bakke . Thank you for choosing Stiltje material.
Article in @skonahem with our Provence NK tiles. This tile was originally made as special order for NK bath. Modern pattern in classical Swedish colours.
Bring the ocean home. Handmade. Handpainted. Tile art from all the world in one place. On reclaimed wood.
We arrange Privat material presentations for architects and other interested. Here Wingårds Architects in our Stockholm Showroom.
Just contact us to book time.
Inspiration wall . Stiltje Stockholm Showroom. Artillerigatan 29 . Welcome and get inspired.
Cool project With @castbergco . New thinking with tiles on the wall in entry. We love it. Beautiful and practical. Grey tumbled fishbone tiles on floors and Nature Tiles on walls. We have the best clients.
We love cooperation. This is our A MANO STAR terracotta as background for amazing pictures by @susannablavarg . Art.
@victoriaskoglund the founder and owner of @zetastradgard in her beautiful new @swedengreenhouse and Reclaimed fishbone red tiles from Stiltje. Perfect combination. Waxed with #ottossons linoljevax .
We collect the most beautiful tiles on earth.
Beautiful project by @ryott.arkitektur With Stiltje Handmade glazed tiles and Pink Tadelakt. Ses more of this project on her webpage. Photo @sannalininsta . Thank you for letting us share this.
Provence Mylla Wall tiles and Provence Umbra cement tiles on the floor in most beautiful and creative client Home.
Reclaimed Fishbone Tiling ( red ) in the beautiful gardenhouse of @victoriaskoglund the creator of @zetastradgard. So excited to see the result.
Never stop to use your fantasy. Design your own tile chair with hand painted tiles.
Limepaint shade 505. Carl-Noel 10 years Old wanted to live in a ocean.

Stenens färg och karaktär kommer fram
maximalt i den finslipade stenen.
Raka kanter och slät matt yta.
Enkelt och snyggt helt enkelt.


A Mano – för hand.
Kakel i fantastiska färger och
former där bara fantasin
sätter stopp.