1000-tals små stenar har nött ytan som 1000-tals fötter skulle ha gjort. Nötta kanter och en yta som redan är matt sliten är resultatet.
Tåligt och vackert.

New favourite stone. Montpellier Old French . So beautiful in it's simplicity. As a stone schould be.
Our new Zellige collection. Part of it .
Beautiful shower from @kitchenandbeyond.se .
Lovely house on Österlen with materials from Stiltje for sale with @uppvik . Made by HANDMADE HOUSES perfect in every detail.
From @ettvackertkok with Stiltje tiles 👌. We have the best clients 🙏🏻
Beautiful design from www.sieshome.com Netherlands. We have the best clients 🙏🏻
We are happy @tacos_tequila chooses our Damascus Mosaic tiles in green. Go there and enjoy them🎉🎉
Dark brushed marble from @villahaller , Germany. We have the best clients 🙏🏻
Soon in our showrooms ❤️
Zellige dusty white. We have the best clients.
Green tile collection 👌
Close up from @vitavillanilimhamn . So beautiful with just white.
Beautiful bathroom from @vitavillanilimhamn . We have the best clients .
Stiltje's own wood collection now in stock. This is Castle dark. Oak compatible with floor heating.
Bathroom designed by @kitchenandbeyond.se . We have the best clients 👌
Bathroom designed by @johanisraelson for @arkitektriket . We have the best clients 👌
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